Is average bicycle not enough for you? Are you looking for something unique? Do you have any special requirements? Chose custom bicycle.

Every season riding a bike become more popular. Not only among professional cyclist but average people. Bike is a nice option for an excursion outside the city. It can be also ideal mean of transport, especially in the area where there are a lot of traffic jams. amateur riders are becomming more creative in case of bicycle's apperance.

They are
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using corolful stains or stickers. It's also fashionable to have fancy acessories e.g. pink basket, bell in a shape of pancake, strawberry saddle's cover. riders are doing it themselves or buying it in fancy shops. Market have evaluated because of customer's needs. Nowadays you can design your own bike and order it for yourself. Plenty of shops offer an option to create custom bicycle. You can suggest frame size, handlebar type, wheel type and of course color. apart from that you can project your own writing on the frame. If you will be fed up you can without any troubles change particular part of your bike. There is already a custom bicycles society.

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People go to the shop as if they visited the garage and want to Pimp Their Ride. They're creating the fan's meeting. They are spreading ideas and new technologies.They will always find something to upgrade. It's not just a bicycle is an art for them. As you can see there is many possibilities. It's great entertainment for people who are picky. But is it always like that? You may think "A bicycle is just to ride on it, only rich people would buy custom bicycles and flash around". Is it true? What else are custom single speed bikes? Some people have special needs and riding a normal bike is impossible for them. There are particular companies which offers custom single speed bikes for customers with disabilities. All they need to do is defin their problem an a specialist will construt a bike for them.

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They can choose from vide range of options. Very often such bicycles are quite expensive but shops offer sometimesdiscounts e.g. People with special needs don’t pay VAT on disability products. Sometimes a charity can give some extra funds for it as well.
If you wanna go for a ride with you kid but you're not sure if your child is old enough to ride alone, rear steer tandem might be a solution for you. You can be patient: front bars give junior something to hold onto but aren’t connected to the steering, so you’ll stay in charge!
You don't have to follow the easy way and your bicycle doesn't have to be usuall. Special requirements or your own reason - you don't have to justify your decision. Just keep an eye at the offer choose the best option for you and have a nice trip!
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