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At the moment, almost everyone have a mobile phone, also older people, like our grandparents. It is all because telecom distributors are giving us totally new smart phones almost free of charge, in case when we inscribe 2 year contract with them.

android application development
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But do you know anything about apps you may use on your phone? Who creating it and where?

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From couple dozen years, there's new fashion in economy. Huge, international firms are opening brand new agencies spread all around the planet, to work for them. Great example of this sensation are IT outsourcing companies-read full report. Those branches are located mainly in poorer countries, which are developing still, like India, Mexico, or Poland. Our country is mostly popular in this sector, because technology universities in here are on very great, European level. that's why, Android application development, which you are using on your smart phone, was probably created by IT specialists from Poland. IT outsourcing companies are very popular, because in developing countries, big companies don't need to pay similar money to the workers like in United States or UK. But it is not any sort of exploitation, cause Polish specialists has very good salary for creating stuff like Android - sprawdź ofertę - application . They paychecks are far bigger then normal ones of their friends from another businesses.

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Also, Offshore companies are opening thousands of new jobs, not just for experts from IT field, but also for laborers, like cleaning lady and more. Beside, it's developing Polish economy.

Plenty of apps, which we are exploring on our cells on daily basics, are created by Polish specialists.

t is possible, because in our country, a lot of big, IT companies have their branches. And because of that, Polish citizens have chance to be members of great, international group, they have good salary, and Polish economy is developing.
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