East-European markets Markets in Eeastern Europe are still attractive for foreign investments

Lots of investors seriously think about investing in East-European markets. Surely, it is risky to generalize about all markets in that region. For instance, investing in Poland still is a great deal more attractive than investing in Belarus, due to a current political situation.

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Nonetheless, it is clearly visible in tons of data and different analysis that foreign investments in this part of Europe remains growing. Presently, many enterprises open their offices or subsidiaries in Eastern Europe. There are a few factors that might be listed as main results of such situation.

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Firstly, the economy of those countries are continuously growing. That means that its societies becomes more and more well-to-do. Certainly, it attracts new firms and investments as guys may spend much more on their consumption. It is widely known economic law that in the moment society becomes richer, new investments appear. Surely, if there is no limitations imposed by the state.

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And here we reach the second important factor which is: incentives for investment. Many governments decide to develop and implement various investment incentives strategies. They are designed with the purpose to encourage foreign investors to come to the country. Such incentives might have various forms. Everything depends on a specific plan created and implemented by government of the particular country.

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Sometimes, it may be an incentive for a specific industry, sometimes only for a specific region. In the second case, it normally aims to develop the poorest regions of the country. One of the example of such investment incentives might be the idea of developing industrial parks. Such initiative is rather common in various Eastern European countries. They are normally created in a special regions which have the highest potential for industrial development. What is crucial is that the area is well connected with other regions and cities by roads, airports and railroads. For instance, industrial park in Poland often could offer well-developed business infrastructure connecting not only other Polish towns, but also with nearby countries such as Lathvia or Ukraine.

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