How to restore the old wooden doors so that they match the rest of the house?

Wooden interior doors in antique habitats or condominiums frequently pop out from recently painted inner walls, differentiating themselves visibly with wasted oil paint.

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Moreover, there are frequently fissures around the door frame, and the door petal strokes, that have been struck for ages, have irregulary scrapes, marks or cavities. In case you do not have the occasion or the desire for a complete facelift, connected to the door substitution, it is the moment to refurbish the old wooden doors or panels.

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Renovation of wooden doors most often requests removal of the aged varnish coating. Paling, irregulary top of oil varnish will not embrace a good new finishing layer. There are various methods of removing oil paint. These assistane, such as sandblasting or blazing with an electric furnace can be requested from professional firms. Slips or crevices appeared in the door will disappear in a simple way, you seal it with putty. You should only begin grinding after complete treatment, that may take from several hours to one day, relying on the products employed and the scale of the imprefections. For sanding doors you can employ sandpaper, however in angles, for instance for sheening it should be simpler to work with abrasive sponge. Use the pack which comes with the sandpaper – it should be quicker and simpler to level the wooden surface. After replacing the old oil varnish covering, you will get nearly raw wood or wood-based panel.

Nevertheless, because it is an antique surface, it would be worth to cover it with coloring preparation, not wood lacquer, for instance. The door after such a renovation is suitable for relocating in hinges.
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